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Nebraska vs UCLA Bruins Start Time Set At 11:00 AM on ABC

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The game between Nebraska and UCLA has been set to start at 11:00 am on ABC. Yet another 11:00 am start time that Nebraska fans will most likely be unhappy about.

Stephen Dunn

I missed Corn Flakes this morning, for that I apologize, but I was up until about 2:00 am working on a dadgummed SQL Server restoration that took much longer than it should have.

ESPN/ABC and the Big Ten Conference announced that Nebraska's September 14th home game against UCLA will kick off at 11 am central. The game will be televised on ABC.

Yet another 11:00 am kickoff. Five of next season's games have had their start times set as shown in the schedule below. Game times and television information for the remainder of the 2013 schedule will be determined six to 12 days ahead of said game.

Most Husker fans are probably unhappy with the start time.

Reasons cited:
- Not enough time tailgating before a game
- The 3:00 pm hangover
- Bad for recruiting as it is difficult to get players who had games on Friday night to the stadium in time for kickoff Saturday morning.
- Irrelevant teams play at 11:00 am.
- Night games are simply more exciting

If there's one positive - your liver will be happier than if this game started at 8:00 pm. I sure as hell know mine will be. It's really hard to drink a lot of gin early in the morning, which means I'll probably stave off at least another year having to go to a treatment facility. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Nebraska 2013 Schedule

Aug. 31 Wyoming 7 p.m. (BTN)
Sept. 7 Southern Miss 5 p.m. (BTN)
Sept. 14 UCLA 11 a.m. (ABC)
Sept. 21 South Dakota State TBD
Oct. 5 Illinois 11 a.m. (TBD)
Oct. 12 at Purdue TBD
Oct. 26 at Minnesota TBD
Nov. 2 Northwestern TBD
Nov. 9 at Michigan TBD
Nov. 16 Michigan State TBD
Nov. 23 at Penn State TBD
Nov. 29 Iowa 11 a.m. (ABC)