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Thursday's Corn Flakes

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Today brings a lot of recruiting news, a fantastic interview with Art Briles, and one big puzzle at QB in the 2014 recruiting cycle.

Hunter Martin

Good Thursday morning everyone. Today is June 6th, also known as D-Day, which was the day the Allied forced invaded Normandy, France. Here are your links and info for the day. ($ = subscription may be needed)

Yesterday on Corn Nation brought Jon's synopsis of Phil Steele's #16 ranking of Nebraska in his preseason poll, along with this week's DtH where Greg and I talked about a lot of what if's. And steak too.

Sipple thinks that Darin Erstad squeezed everything he could out of the Nebraska Baseball team this year. I don't necessarily agree, I think there were many things the team could have done to get in the postseason, but that's over and time to learn on it now. ($)

For what we don't have in recruiting tweets yesterday, I'm making up for it today.

I'll have something on Big Red Weekend sometime next week when it gets closer. Remember that the list of recruits coming and not coming fluctuates like the temperature outside anywhere.

Bud Elliot, SBN main recruiting guy, took the time to look at the big QB domino puzzle set up this year by Kyle Allen and David Cornwell. This does affect Nebraska, as the farther Zack Darlington gets from Ohio State, the more likely that the Huskers get him.

SBN's own Spencer Hall went down to Waco for some Fazoli's and to talk to Baylor HC Art Briles. Absolutely fantastic insight on how the spread offense has changed the game of College Football from the man who basically created it himself, along with how Briles has turned Waco into a fantastic place to play football.

In a surprise move, Florida State released their Athletic Director Randy Spetman on Wednesday. Tom Jurich, the man who heads Louisville, immediately comes to mind, however it sounds like it has been shot down. We'll see on that one.

A little more rage against the Longhorn Network? Sure why not.

The NBA Finals kick off tonight. I'm not a NBA fan, but I'll watch to see how the Stern narrative works out.

The Penguins had their chance last night, but in the third Overtime, Patrice Bergeron gave the Bruins a 3-0 series lead. That's series, Hendrix.

The Major League Baseball draft starts Thursday night. For those that love mock drafts, here ya go.

A friendly reminder that, when you go to a baseball game and a ball reaches the stands, you look like a jerk for outrunning a kid for a ball you can pay $5 at Dick's Sporting Goods for.

Today is also National Drive In Movie Day, and Bo-urne's fave book, 1984 by George Orwell, was published on this day. Also on this day, the final Ed Sullivan show in 1971 on CBS aired.

Famous birthdays today? Former Huskers Prince Amukamara, Colin Quinn, Robert Englund and Cam Neely.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone.