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Wednesday's Corn Flakes

The middle of the week brings news on a softball superstar, a former Husker LB waiting for the next chapter in his career and life, and volleyball's 2013 schedule was finalized.

Leon Halip

Some call it Wednesday, some call it Hump Day. Whatever you call it, it's here. Lets get to what you should know for today, shall we? ($ denotes a membership may be needed to view).

In case you were out yesterday, Mike and the staff discussed the Big 10 agreement with the Pinstripe Bowl, while I went and talked about Bill Callahan and what people "believe" about his time in Lincoln.

Taylor Edwards was named to the All-Tournament team at the end of the Women's College World Series last night in OKC. Oklahoma defeated Tennessee by 2 games to nothing in the championship series last night. Congrats to the Lady Sooners, they were definitely the best team in the land this year.

Steve Sipple sat down with former Husker LB Barrett Ruud to talk about the cross roads he is facing currently in his career. I can't see Ruud sitting a long time before camp, the league loves smart middle linebackers who are still relatively young. ($)

The Volleyball schedule for next year has come out, with 15 matches for the "new" home at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.

Not too much new recruiting news today, so nothing to share tweet wise.

Gordon Gee, the Ohio State President who has been much maligned the last week or so about some remarks, will be "retiring" come the first of July. Ramzy Nasrallah of 11W wrote what he and many OSU fans will remember about Gee before the news came down on Tuesday (Side note: if you can find a better CFB blogger than Ramzy, let me know. He along with our very own Spencer Hall are better than most anyone you can find, newspaper or not.)

Next season will be the last one for Ed Hightower, the "loved" College Basketball official. There won't be too many tears shed over this one.

Up to 20 MLB players could face suspension as a ESPN report says the man who ran the Biogenesis Company in Miami is going to speak up. Names mentioned were Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, and many others. Rob Neyer says something stinks about this whole thing, and I agree.

The LA Kings got back a game last night versus the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL Western Finals. Staples Center has been very kind to the Kings, as that makes it 8 straight wins in the postseason at home. As for the Eastern Finals, it's do or die for the Pens as they go into Boston tonight.

Some rule changes are coming next year for the NHL. The visors seem like a good idea until you realize they aren't doing anything for concussion prevention. However, the auto icing rule is horrible in my opinion.

The Dallas Stars got rebranded on Tuesday, with a new logo and uniform. As a fan of the team, I'm just going to go on record and say that, while there were probably worse ideas, these aren't one of the better ones.

Your NBA Finals schedule is ready to go, with Game 1 coming Thursday evening.

Hope you didn't wanna see Ole Miss play Texas on September 14th, as the game is going on the Longhorn Network. If you didn't miss the Big 12 enough, look at the TV schedule and all the PPV games on there. That alone makes me smile.

This will wake you up.

Today is National Hot Air Balloon Day, and National Gingerbread Day. On this day in history, Robert F Kennedy was shot in California in 1968, and Ronald Reagan passed away in 2004.

Birthdays today include Mike Fischer (Mr Carrie Underwood to you), Kenny G, Mark Wahlberg, Ron Livingston, and Brian McKnight.

Today's #1 song? Rolling in the Deep, by Adele, back in 2011.

The podcast will come this afternoon. Enjoy your day everyone.