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Tuesday's Corn Flakes

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A former UNL golfer makes the biggest stage in the sport, Indiana goes HAM with the helmets, and Doc Sadler gets another new gig.

The fearsome foursome. RIP Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen
The fearsome foursome. RIP Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen

Hello and welcome to Tuesday, June 4th, 2013. We all broke our consecutive days being alive, so lets celebrate that. On to the links ($ means a subscription may be needed)

If you weren't around yesterday, you missed a lot on Corn Nation. Jon talked about Phil Steele's All Big 10 teams, Mike went over the 2015 schedule released by the Big 10, and I talked to Erin Sorensen of HV about a lot of things, from Taylor Martinez to Team Jack and so on.

Former Nebraska golf team member Brandon Crick qualified for the US Open in 2 weeks at Merion near Philadelphia. It's a pretty tough gig when you have to play 36 holes in a day to get a spot.

Brian Christopherson of the LJS talked to new Nebraska Football GA Kyle Brey, son of Notre Dame basketball HC Mike Brey. It portrays an interesting journey from school to school for the Brey family. ($)

Wondering about Alex Lewis? This will make you go UGH.

Recruiting news? OF COURSE.

I don't get the theory of Elmore's trip, only because Deandre Goolsby in Kansas is probably a better prospect and spent his own money coming to the Spring Game. But Tight End recruiting at Nebraska has made me spin in my chair for a while.

Indiana's new helmets? STRAIGHT CASH HOMEY.

The B1G/Pinstripe Bowl news became official on Monday, and the B5Q piece has a lot of updates. Jim Delany threw the first pitch for the Yanks game last night AND WHAT THE HELL IRABU??!?!?!

The final 16 teams in the NCAA Baseball tourney were decided late Monday night, and it was a doozy as North Carolina fought back from two seperate 3 run deficits from the 9th inning on to beat Florida Atlantic. Check out the 16 left in the tourney and how they got there right here.

Who got smoked harder last night? The Pacers by the Heat? Or the Pens by Boston? I'll just say we didn't know about Pittsburgh before the game started JUST SAYING COME AT ME BROS.

NFL Hall of Famer Deacon Jones passed away late last night in California, he was 74 years old.

The Angels got swept by the Astros last night in Anaheim, and doors are SLAMMING. How's that baseball town treatin ya Josh?

Here's a Fulmer Cup update. Kansas is winning, but this is one of those times that we let them.

Since he's an easy guy to forget about, Doc Sadler joined the staff at Iowa State this last weekend.

Today is National Old Maid Day, and also Hug Your Cat Day.

On this day in history, the Battle of Midway begun, and the Boston Celtics defeated the Phoenix Suns to win the NBA Title after 3 overtimes in 1976.

Today's birthdays include Angelina Jolie, Russel Brand, Dr Joy Westheimer, Bar Refali, Noah Wylie, and Parker Stevenson.

The number 1 song on this week in 1985? Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears for Fears. However, I saw this last night and I think it's much better.

(thanks Ved76)

Kick Tuesday's ass, everyone.