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A Corn Nation Conversation With Erin Sorensen Of Hail Varsity

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One of the most popular Nebraska football female bloggers you know leads off the Summer Corn Nation interview series.

Erin and Jacks
Erin and Jacks
Erin Sorensen

We've talked about it for awhile and it is finally hear...the companion to De-Tasseling the Huskers:

A Corn Nation Conversation.

Throughout the summer of 2013, Brian or Greg will sit down with someone else from Husker Nation for a discussion all things red.

This week, Brian visits with Hail Varsity writer Erin Sorensen.

Brian and Erin (and Jacks yo!) talk about the year gone by in Husker sports, Taylor Martinez and what we expect from them in his final year in Lincoln, and the Big 10 in their bowl situation. Erin also gives her thoughts on why some fans happen to try to make correlations from the different conferences Nebraska has been in.

Through the whole summer, Greg and Brian will be interviewing several people from the Nebraska sports landscape, from fans to media members around the entire landscape.

And, of course, De-tasseling the Huskers won't be going anywhere, you still have your chances to ask Greg and Brian your questions to answer.