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Monday's Corn Flakes

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The first Monday in June brings you news on Big Red Weekend, a big time visit this week to Nebraska, and a possible new B1G member for one specific sport.

Johns Hopkins Lacrosse? This matters today.
Johns Hopkins Lacrosse? This matters today.

Good Monday morning to you fine folks. Monday, June 2nd brings National Steak Month and National Dairy Month. Celebrate all this with a steak and whole milk. On to the links for today! ($ may mean you need a subscription).

ICYMI, I talked about the upcoming Big Red Weekend and the current status of Nebraska's 2014 recruiting cycle. BRW needs to get cracking something hard, because there's a lot to catch up to if you wanna match where the '13 class was by August 1st.

The Lady Husker softballers fought hard, but eventually were defeated by Florida after 15 hard fought innings Saturdaynight in Oklahoma City. After just making sure to play because of storms Friday, Saturday was a long day with 4 games and Arizona State losing to Michigan at about 2am local time.

We should all be proud of what these girls did, as they brought back pride to the program.

Steve Sipple talked to Harrison Phillips about what Duke brought to the table for his commitment. Considering Duke is flat out kicking Nebraska across the school yard in recruiting this cycle, probably not a grand idea to talk down what David Cutcliffe and Zac Roper about it. Then again, this is the same person who said Nebraska should have beat UCLA last year solely on commitment to football. ($)


Honestly, it was a slow weekend as far as offers go, which isn't a bad thing really. The aformentioned BRW is coming in 2 weeks, and coveted Florida QB Zack Darlington will be visiting Lincoln this week. For those hoping for a commitment, don't get your hopes up, as Ohio State is next on the tour for Darlington. Honestly, I call OSU the favorite here.

DID YOU KNOW THERE COULD BE ANOTHER NEW MEMBER OF THE BIG TEN? Well, before you go nuts over this, realize it's Johns Hopkins and the report found by LGHL says it's for lacrosse. Seems like lacrosse is gaining ground as much as hockey is. Is that a hint to North Stadium that maybe it should be considered in the next decade? I'm honestly not sure, but we'll see if anyone else on CN has an opinion on this.

Gordon Gee "apologized" to B1G presidents on Sunday morning. Bret Bielema talked about an apology too, and honestly he should have just did the whole canned "moving on" statement. Jeff Long had an opinion too.

Today sometime, the B1G will announce that they will be replacing the Big 12 as a participant in the Pinstripe Bowl. I personally don't care for this game, but if a borderline second/third tier bowl game in a Northeastern outdoor stadium not made for football in one of the most expensive cities in the world entices you, TEAR IT UP BROTHA.

Big time names for this recruiting cycle hit Columbus this weekend for The Elite 11 Quarterback camp. SBNation had complete coverage.

There are ways that Rutgers should handle the Julie Hermann debacle. This isn't one of the ideal ones.

Indiana, Kansas State and Oregon State have punched their super regional tickets. Go here to find out who's doing what.

Game 7 tonight between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. The winner gets the East title and the ability to lose to the San Antonio Spurs in the finals. Meanwhile, game 2 of the Boston Bruins/Pittsburgh Penguins set fire off tonight in downtown Pittsburgh. The Chicago Blackhawks kinda whooped on the LA Kings yesterday afternoon.

Today is National Egg Day, also National Repeat Day. So, have 3 scrambled eggs with your steak and enjoy National Repeat Day!

On this day, Woodrow Wilson signed the National Defense Act, and Edward White became the first American to walk in space in 1965.

People with birthdays today are Rafael Nadal, Anderson Cooper, and Tony Curtis.

Finally, on this day in 2007, the number 1 song in America was Maroon 5, with Makes Me Wonder. I guess the ladies like Adam Levine or something, so here ya go!

(you are swell vevo)

Have a great Monday everyone.