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Corn Flakes: 64 Days Left....

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There are 64 days left until the start of football season. That seems to be a lot.

Jon Johnston

There are 64 days left until football season, which seems like a million miles away, so we're going to discuss another sport.

Did you know that two Big Ten baseball teams are looking for new head coaches?

It's been a while, but Iowa chose to not renew Jack Dahm's contract, and only recently did Penn State announce the resignation of Robbie Wine. These events occurred after Iowa posted a 22-27 season (10-14 in the Big Ten), while Penn State finished last in the conference with a 14-36 overall record (4-20 in the Big Ten).

Creighton head coach Ed Servais has interviewed with Iowa. Why? Have you looked at the conference that Creighton is about to join? If you thought Nebraska damaged their baseball program by joining the Big Ten, Creighton's baseball program is about to be flushed down a toilet.

However, with Indiana making the CWS, it's clear that it's no longer possible to make excuses about Big Ten baseball and that teams will no longer tolerate coaches that cannot win.

That's good news for everyone in the conference.

Big News Out of Nebraska as Ernest Suttles and Thomas Brown are dismissed from the team. Dumbass is the only way to describe that.

Dan Guerrero Ditches UCLA Baseball’s Championship Celebration for Trip to Italy - Bruins Nation

UCLA’s incompetent and tonedeaf athletic director skips the celebration of the school’s first national championship in baseball for a trip to Italy.

SB Nation site hates their athletic director, calling him "Chianti Dan". While they may have some bias, when you read stuff like this you have to conclude they have a point.

NBA Draft 2013: Nerlens Noel trade highlights wild night -

It was a weird, memorable NBA Draft. First, the Cavaliers took Anthony Bennett No. 1. Then, Nerlens Noel was selected No. 6 and traded to the 76ers with a 2014 first-round pick for All-Star Jrue Holiday.

The NBA draft was last night. The link above is to the mothership story stream, in case you're interested.

2012-13 Director’s Cup Standings: Purdue Finishes 42nd - Hammer and Rails

Purdue fares well nationally, but falls short compared to the Big Ten.

Hammer and Rails put together an overview of Director's Cup Standings for the Big Ten. Hint: Minnesota finished ahead of Nebraska.

Unsubstantiated Speculation: An Early Look at the Defensive Depth Chart - The Daily Gopher

This year's Minnesota Gopher defense needs to replace three of its top five tacklers and its leader in sacks, here's an early look at who might step into those roles in 2013.

Mailbag: Offensive Line Stuff, Last Shot Takers | mgoblog

Ever wondered about what makes an offensive tackle a NFL-level tackle? Arm reach. Read more....

Wyoming releases photos of its new mountainous field design | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

When you're playing at the highest elevation of any FBS team, you should embrace your mountainous surroundings. The University of Wyoming did just that with its new field design, and now we get to judge the results.

Helu Jr.'s unique treatment yields results | National Football Post

It seems almost a decade has passed since Roy Helu Jr. tallied 1,019 total yards on 200 touches as a rookie in 2011. The impressive Nebraska product was hampered by an injury-riddled sophomore NFL season in which he took part in only three games before being placed on injured reserve.

"Needling", which shouldn't be confused with "Noodling", the latter of which certainly wouldn't help your injuries.

The Effects of Your Drive on Your Opponent's Next Drive - Football Study Hall
Taking a look at how the outcome of your own drive influences your opponent's next drive.

T.O. Leaves a Legacy, Takes on Next Challenge - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

We all knew the day was coming, and Thursday will be historic – Tom Osborne's last official day with the Nebraska Athletic Department.

Good for Tom. As Nebraskans and Husker fans, we need to move on as well. I wonder if a year from now we'll be doing endless "Tom Osborne vs Shawn Eichorst" comparisons. Probably.

Kirk Herbstreit will stay with ESPN through 2022

Kirk Herbstreit is a trusted, almost always measured (except for this) voice on college football for ESPN. And he will remain with the network for at least another 10 seasons.

Tom will be gone, but Herbie will still be around. That's okay with me - I think Herbstreit does a pretty good job. There are times when he's paired with Brent Musberger that I wish I could toss a hand grenade in the booth (Musberger would immediately expect Herbstreit to fall on it), but most of the time he's okay.

I have the feeling most Husker fans think Herbstreit is anti-Husker because of this...