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Ernest Suttles, Thomas Brown Dismissed From Nebraska Football Team

Two Freshman are sent home from the team in a statement from Bo Pelini this evening.

In a release just a few moments ago, the Nebraska Football team lost two defenders from the team due to dismissal. The release states:

We are aware of an incident involving student-athletes which occurred off campus over the weekend. We are working with the University's Dean of Students in gathering further details. We will continue to review the incident. Further, Head Football Coach Bo Pelini has announced that Ernest Suttles and Thomas Brown are no longer members of the football program.

Ernest Suttles was an incoming Freshman Defensive Tackle from Orlando, Florida.

Thomas Brown, a Inside Linebacker from Gardenia, California, redshirted last season and was considered a potential candidate to have some significant playing time this season.

This is obviously a big blow to the Nebraska Defensive outlook for 2013, but it should put several rumors that had been flying around to bed.

UPDATE, 7:58pm CT:

UPDATE #2, 8:11pm CT:

Update #3, 8:16pm CT:

Update #4, 8:34pm CT:

From Eric Olson, AP:

Lincoln Police Capt. Danny Reitan said there was no record of Brown being connected to the alleged assault.


Reitan said a fight broke out during a party at a residence last Friday and that Suttles struck Santos in the forehead with a bottle. Reitan said it wasn't known whether Santos required medical treatment. Suttles was ticketed Wednesday.

Update #5, 8:56pm CT:

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