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De-Tasseling The Huskers, Episode 34: Alternate Uniforms, Baseball Gloating And Poor Salt Creek

Greg and Brian are back at it this week, with their takes on the alternate uniform for the Huskers that were released. Plus, Brian gloats on Greg.


In Episode 34, we eventually talk about the uniforms unveiled by Adidas for the Week 3 game against UCLA. I assure you, we do talk about them.

But before we get there, Brian reminds Greg that the Rangers swept the Cards this past weekend. And Greg responds that it's a shame the Rangers couldn't win at Busch when it really mattered.

More baseball talk about Albert Pujols. (We DO talk about the Huskers, I promise)

Then the guys pour a forty out for their swine-allergic homey Salt Creek and Stadium. This is an important part of this week's show, and I highly recommend you don't gloss over it.

Finally...ZOMG ALTERNATE UNIFORMS! And Adidas really broke out into the box of crayons for this year's alternates, going with black and white. But actually, the guys like the alternates. Hear them break it down.

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