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CornNation Conversation Episode 3: Derek Hernandez Of NoCoastBias

Brian sat down with the man behind to talk recruiting, Taylor Martinez, and fan base perceptions.

The man behind NCB is a Husker fan through and through.
The man behind NCB is a Husker fan through and through.
Derek Hernandez

Welcome to episode three of our Corn Nation Conversations.

This week, Brian sat down with Derek Hernandez, a Nebraska alum who runs the popular sports site

I sat down with Derek, a guy who is a Nebraska alumnus, and we spoke about different things in the Husker landscape. I got his thoughts on Nebraska recruiting, the fan base and certain perceptions that he sees out there, and his thoughts on Taylor Martinez.

You can find NCB on the web, along with their Facebook page right here. Also, you can find NCB on twitter, as well as Derek's twitter feed for himself.

Now, don't forget that we are looking for Husker fans as well as folks in the blog and media for Corn Nation Conversations. Think you have an interesting story and want to share it with Husker Nation on CN? Drop either Greg or Brian a line through their twitter or on the Corn Nation FB page.