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Monday's Corn Flakes

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The beginning of the last full week in June brings news about another B1G bowl, a Heisman winner on the mike, and where people that left Penn State last summer went.

Christian Petersen

Welcome to Monday folks. Today is my seventh wedding anniversary, so lord I hope I would remember what day this is. Anyhow, here's the good from yesterday and this morning. ($= subscription needed)

From this weekend on Corn Nation, Mike started to wonder about this year's Nebraska alternate uniforms (it's happening, btw.) along with Cobby thinking about how good of a Western actor Darin Erstad would be. Also, a Northern Quesadilla, made by Jon.

A quick recruiting thought about Harrison Phillips.. he's the type of kid that I honestly wonder what Nebraska's staff is going to do. On one hand, he camped the same time Mick Stoltenberg camped and got and accepted an offer. On the other hand, getting a Stanford offer is going to make Nebraska do something, even if that something is nothing. Phillips has enough offers to think he's worthwhile for Nebraska to offer him, however for some unknown reason, the Huskers haven't pulled the trigger.\

Meanwhile, Steve Sipple pointed out (as I have, $) that Phillips could not be offered because of scholarships spots and having Peyton Newell as a guy that Nebraska is going to land. Then again, every time I hear Ross Els make statements about being "selective" about scholarship offers, I simply see the number of offers Nebraska has out there and just wonder what he means.

Sipple also talked to Heisman winner Eric Crouch about his television career. I remember when Crouch was first in a studio and seemed to really be nervous, but as the year went on, he got much more comfortable with what he was doing. I would rather have that than Ed Cunningham or anyone else that brings nothing but agenda to the table. ($)

TV Wiliams, the sought after Wide Receiver from McKinney, Texas will be announcing his decision at his High School on Tuesday, July 9th.Sounds like it's between the Huskers and Kentucky, with the opinions of everyone right down the middle on his plans. Either way, I do plan on being there for his announcement, so if something comes from it you will be the first ones to know. Follow me on twitter as I tweet his decision.

Time to get down to the brass tacks at the College World Series. Mississippi State and UCLA start their best of three championship series for the NCAA title tonight at TD Ameritrade.

On Monday, the Big 10 and Pac 12 will get together and announce that both conferences will meet up in both the Holiday Bowl and Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, both held in California. While you know my current thoughts about Qualicomm in San Diego, the thought of playing a bowl game in the new Levis Stadium in Santa Clara is very ideal, considering the 50th Super Bowl will be hosted there too. Then again, the B1G is planning on sending, at the very best, the 5th to 7th bowl eligible teams there, you probably don't wanna go for now. On the other hand, San Diego is going to get the fourth B1G team.

Remember when the sanctions were put on Penn State, and any player could transfer and play immediately without redshirting? Patrick Vint took a look at what became of the players that have left Happy Valley. It should be noted that technically, players could still leave PSU w/o penalty up to the start of fall camp this year.

The Big Ten has a bunch of inferiority complexes. Nebraska's isn't in the same conference anymore, but BALL DON'T LIE.

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight in Boston, as the Chicago Blackhawks have a 3-2 series lead and could end the season tonight with a victory.

The Saddledome in Calgary isn't doing well this weekend.

There is a nice shiny "Entertainment District" going into the Haymarket in Lincoln that will actually attract people and business right near Pinnacle Bank Arena and near Memorial Stadium. Somewhere, Bill Harris and Colleen Seng shake their head in disapproval.

Today is National Pralines Day, and National Swim a Lap Day. Birthdays include Lionel Messi (he's only 25!!), JJ Redick, Mick Fleetwood, and Rich Eisen.

On this day in history, the US Government made their report on Roswell in 1997, while JFK announced his engagement to Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953.

Your Monday music? The Police, everyone.

(thanks BlackKnightProject0)

Keep an eye out for another Corn Nation Conversation today, and enjoy your day folks.