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Should Husker Fans Expect Another Alternate Nebraska Uniform in 2013?

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As long as they don't like the pajamas from 2012...
As long as they don't like the pajamas from 2012...
Eric Francis

Last year's "Unrivaled" jersey found no Nebraska fans in the middle: you either loved it or hated it. Some loved it because it was different and used black. Others hated it because they thought it looked cheesy and the numbers on the front were nearly impossible to read from a distance.

So would Nebraska do it again? Sam McKewon of the Omaha World-Herald contacted the Nebraska athletic department and received a curious answer. Not quite yes, and definitely not no.

In other words, it's probably coming. If the answer was "no", you wouldn't say "at this time", but if the answer were yes, the next question would be what is it. So this "not yet" surely indicates one is coming.

So what should we expect? Surely a significant black presence, probably on the helmet.... maybe even the same black helmet as last year. The large arial "N" on the front of last year's jersey probably won't be back. Many people shifted their opinions after the game once they realized how difficult it was to read the numbers on the front of the jersey.

Perhaps a more stylized font for the numbers. I could see it going either "old style" and using the style of the 1962 jersey...or going modern with an aggressive font.

And what game would it be used? The UCLA game, which could be the biggest home game of the season, is one option. The Northwestern and Michigan State games will also be big. Or maybe it's the South Dakota State game, to add interest to a potential mismatch against a 1-AA opponent.

Or maybe a road game with a white jersey, black pants, and a red helmet? If adidas wants another "unrivaled" game against another adidas school, the options are limited to just UCLA and Michigan. And for what it's worth, Michigan athletic director said last month that the Wolverines wouldn't have any alternate uniform styles in 2013.

So what are your thoughts?