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Friday Corn Flakes: Do We Need A Countdown?

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It's Friday.... we have news and bits of news and there was this lawsuit against the NCAA in which nothing was decided, but you need to know about it, and then there's... 70 days left until football. Do we need to start a countdown?

This is Leo the Cat. He Doesn't GAF What You Think About....
This is Leo the Cat. He Doesn't GAF What You Think About....
Jon Johnston

I know, I'm late. I need to set myself a reminder to do these on Friday and give Brian a break.

There are now 71 days left until the start of college football season. Or 70. Somewhere in there. I keep thinking that we should start some sort of countdown here at CN, but I'd love to hear your ideas. Player's jersey numbers are the easiest thing to go with, and while not a bad idea, gets a bit redundant with other sites doing roughly the same thing. We might handle it a little different, but still.

My idea yesterday was "70: The 70 Best Places To Hide A Body At Memorial Stadium", but I haven't exactly been camping out in Lincoln lately so that would be a little difficult.

Anyway - ideas welcome.

O'Bannon vs. the NCAA: What happened, what's next, and what's changed? -

After Thursday's hearing on the legal decision that could completely change college athletics, the parties begin holding their breath for the aftermath.

If they're going to be holding their breath, they're going to be holding their breath for a long, long time, and that means we'll see one of the more deadly lawsuits in human history. That might make it interesting to some degree, but unfortunately, it wouldn't be the old, experienced lawyers that would keel over due to lack of oxygen, it'd be the young ones that died.

There is no hurry here. Turtles will walk around the world then walk around the world again before any of this affects anything. By that time the NCAA could be more dead than both lawyers in the case and turtles walking around the world.

Ever been in a courtroom? Hours seem like days and that's what lawyers are counting on because they bill by the hour and one hour of courtroom time counts as four hours of billable time because that's what it feels like and who the hell are you to argue?

Still, go catch up on the news about the case so you can discuss it with your friends.

The College World Series is down to four teams - Oregon State vs Mississippi State and UCLA vs North Carolina:

College World Series 2013 schedule: Mississippi State and UCLA try to play themselves into finals -
The 2013 NCAA Tournament is officially down to four teams, all of whom will be in action on Friday. No. 3 Oregon State will get another chance against Mississippi State in the early game, then UCLA will try to play themselves into the finals against resilient No. 1 North Carolina later in the evening.

Jordan Parr's First Professional Home Run Proves Costly - The Champaign Room

The teenager who caught it is holding Parr's minor league team hostage.

If you remember - probably not - Jordan Parr was one of the best hitters in the Big Ten this past season. Regardless of whether or not you like college baseball, you need to read this because it's pretty damned funny.

[DOC] Bill O'Brien's Amended Contract - Black Shoe Diaries

Bill O'Brien's amended contract was released today which provides him with a raise and some new provisions. It also provides him with some flexibility regarding the buyout of his contract after...

HOLY CRAP WHAT A RAISE! Which leads to feelings of... "my boss hates me" because I didn't get another $1M this coming season.

Future power rankings in the Big Ten - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

This week, put together a set of college football power rankings for the next three years.

Which didn't include Nebraska, and now Rittenberg over there at ESPN does a "future" power ranking of the Big Ten teams for the next three years and Nebraska doesn't place as high as you'd like.

B1G 2013 // Keeping the Enemy Close: Wisconsin Scores Again - Off Tackle Empire

The Wisconsin Dells suck. It's like you took Branson, Missouri, moved it to an even more insufferable location, added indoor water parks -- because obviously -- and put up signs that said, "WE ARE A GIGANTIC WASTE OF TIME, SPACE, MONEY, AND NATURAL BEAUTY! YOU WILL HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS TOWN."

De-Tasseling The Huskers: Episode 33 - Corn Nation

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Greg and Brian go after future recruiting guesses and uniform questions.

Our podcast and interviews are now available on Stitcher Radio. I'm not sure if anyone uses that that's also a Nebraska fan, but I'd like to hear about it if you do.