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Wednesday's Corn Flakes

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The middle of the third week of June brings news about a funky stadium going up in Georgia, a tiff about Linebacker U, and Bret Bielema being the voice of the SEC. (LOL)

George Frey

Well, welcome to your Wednesday morning, where you are halfway to another fun filled weekend. Lets not dilly dally, we're on the news right now. ($- subscription needed to see it)

From Tuesday on Corn Nation, Mike took at look at what he thinks Southern Miss will be like this fall, while the new adidas Husker kicks were shown by the Athletic Department.

Steve Sipple of the Journal-Star talks to Zack Darlington's father and HC (who are the same person) and he relays how much of a role Bo Pelini had in the recruitment of Darlington to Nebraska, along with another possible verbal. ($)

Yesterday, we talked about where 11W had the Huskers recruiting class. Today, MGoBlog has the Huskers at seventh also.

Tuesday brought another elimination at the College World Series, as LSU is the next team to head to BBQ status by losing to North Carolina. In the nightcap, UCLA kept with the great pitching and just enough offense to beat NC State to take the dominating position in that side of the bracket.

Only one game on Wednesday night, as Oregon State and Indiana play to stave off elimination and take on Mississippi State on Friday. Sam McKeown is tired (as we all are) of seeing no Home Runs at TD Ameritrade, and he's not going to take it anymore.

Great piece at Football Study Hall ver offensive pace of play and which teams truly are the fastest (and slowest). People love to say that Nebraska has a quick pace, but in this poll it's the 25th fastest, while one of the slowest ones is Alabama.

Coming off that offensive pace piece, Bret Bielema has suggested that officials do not allow offensive teams to snap the ball for 15 seconds to allow substitutions for fatigued players. This sounds like a SEC narrative, as Nick Saban also thinks that the speed of spread offenses are not "safe for players" and such. Remember this when someone has :12 in a half, just got a first down, and have to wait 15 seconds for subs and lose a chance to have a true advantage. Plus, as mentioned by Hugh Freeze, each player on the field runs the same, whether it's offense or defense. This will probably not gain any muster at all.

UCLA decided to call itself "Linebacker U" on Tuesday. Penn State said LOLNO.

Sounds like Mike Gundy decided to lift the restrictions on Wes Lunt right as he was deciding to go to Illinois. Well done Mike.

So the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs had an epic Game 6 last night, and in the end there will be a deciding game on Thursday as Miami won in overtime. Chris Bosh made up for Dwayne Wade's disappearing act in the fourth and OT.

In Boston, it's Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Can the Blackhawks figure something out on offense? Or will the Bruins put it in a vice and take control of the series?

In a story that just makes you shake your head, New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez had his home searched by Boston Police in regards to a homicide near his home. While Hernandez isn't a suspect himself, it seems there are multiple things that come back to the Pats TE.

This will be the new home of the Atlanta Falcons. Yes, it's odd looking, No, I don't know why they need to replace the GeorgiaDome but ok.

The US Men's Soccer team virtually guaranteed their ticket to Brazil for the World Cup as they defeated Honduras 1-0 in Salt Lake City. Jozy Altidore has been on fire the last few games, and he was the man again Tuesday.

Today is Juneteenth, and it's National Martini Day. On this day in History, The Rosenbergs, whom were considered spies in the old US/USSR Cold War, were executed.

The list of folks celebrating the anniversary of their births include Dirk Nowitzki, Mia Sara (Slone Peterson, of course Ferris!!), Ann Wilson, Salman Rushdie, Macklemore, and Zoe Saldana.

For those that have the time today or later this week, instead of spending the money on donuts at the shop, go make your own!

(thanks GoodEatsComplete)

Enjoy your day everyone.