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Tuesday's Corn Flakes

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Tuesday brings news on Nebraska's possible bowl game, 3 people out of a job in Atlanta because they are dumb, and the Big 10's QB's got a new member for next year.


Good morning! You made it through Monday and we're in the middle of the week. Taco Tuesday? Maybe the wing special at BWW for lunch? Sometimes, you just need to hit the 2 piece for .99 sale at Popeye's. Great, you're hungry, I've done my job here. On to the goods!! ($ = subscription may be needed)

From yesterday, Jon went over his top CFB coaches for 2013. I'm not a big John Chavis guy personally, but you have to admit he does well because you kinda have to the way Les Miles coaches sometimes.

Jason Kirk of SBN put out his way too early Bowl Predictions for this season. He has Nebraska in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl in Tempe against the Baylor Bears. I couldn't imagine the amount of napalm being strewn across the state and such if this was indeed the case.

With all the talk about the SEC dominating CFB up and over, the question was asked about who was the last team to dominate the SEC? That (mostly) would be, indeed, the Devaney/Osborne Cornhuskers.

Eleven Warriors did their Monday recap of B1G recruiting rankings, and the Huskers were the biggest movers up the rankings this week.

For those of you jonesing for a way to follow Rex Burkhead as he starts his NFL career in Cincinnati, the NFL and HBO announced that the Bengals will be the subject of this year's Hard Knocks series. This year's show debuts August 6th.

The Monday shakedown from the College World Series saw Oregon State send the Louisville Cardinals home, while Mississippi State defeat Indiana in the nightcap. The early game on Tuesday will send either LSU or North Carolina home early, while NC State and UCLA battle in the evening for the drivers seat in that bracket.

For those that like to think Illinois isn't anything to worry about the next few years, that thought changed a little bit when former Oklahoma State QB Wes Lunt confirmed his transfer to Champaign Monday. The Illini were one of about 7 schools that Okie St HC Mike Gundy allowed Lunt to transfer to, and Tim Beckman's team just became a whole lot better for whomever takes over next year after he gets canned for going 3-9 again.

Speaking of college QB's, Spencer Hall wondered if college towns are indeed, as Johnny Manziel said, "bullshit".

In news that just will make you shake your head and wonder what exactly is the hell wrong with some people, three Atlanta sports talk morning jocks are out of a job over their skit where they felt the burning urge to mock Steve Gleason, the former New Orleans Saint now suffering from ALS. I don't get how this keeps happening in the radio business, but some people just can't keep their mouths away from their feet. Especially when they try to justify the firing by saying it was a "salary decision". Whatever, you jackasses.

Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals brought a shutout by the Bruins and lackluster play on the Power Play by the Blackhawks.... again.

The NBA Finals could end tonight, as Game 6 goes down in Miami. Can the Spurs end this finally, or do the Heat make it a take-all Game 7 on Thursday night?

For those that clench up and lambaste major league teams when they get new ballparks they really don't deserve (COUGHMARLINSCOUGH), I give you the plight of the Oakland A's. It's not that being a Rangers fan I want bad things to happen to them (except this week, where a Texas sweep wouldn't suck yanno), it's that they are so stuck in the Oakland Coliseum as a shitty home. After the Oakland/Seattle game on Sunday afternoon, both teams and the umpires had to vacate their locker rooms as the sewer lines backed up into the showers, and other places. Considering that the A's "sellout" was just around 36,000, that would be less than 60% capacity if Coliseum was hosting a Raiders game. The thing that should bother you is that, according to Lew Wolff, the A's owner, this isn't the first time it happened.

What in the actual hell, Rich Rodriguez?

Today is International Picnic Day, and International Sushi Day. So there's your lunch plans right?

The War of 1812 began on this day (bonus if you know what year), and Napoleon was indeed defeated at Waterloo in 1815.

Today's birthdays include Paul McCartney, Antonio Gates and Lou Brock.

The number one song on this day in 1985? It was Heaven, by Bryan Adams.

(thanks BryanAdamsVevo)

As Buster Olney says, today will be better than yesterday, folks.