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Friday's Corn Flakes

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THE WEEKEND ARRIVES. The news of the day includes a new rug for Memorial Stadium and Brian's thoughts on Big Red Weekend.

Stephen Dunn

GOOD FRIDAY MORNING. Usually Jon does the Flakes for Friday, but I'm up anyways and SLEEP IS OVERRATED YANNO. Today is June 14th, which is also Flag Day. This is a great day to hang Old Glory outside of your house and let it shine. Bowlers call it Flag Day when they miss single pin spares by a not so big margin, but I like the other reason much better. Here's your news ($=subscription needed).

From yesterday, Jon gave us his choice of Offensive All Americans. I think the sneaky peak of Ameer as a RB choice is nice. His Defensive choices are coming soon. Also, the guys at Hammer and Rails did a Q and A with us.

BIG RED WEEKEND. You've heard of it, but it's happening today and tomorrow in Lincoln. There are some kids worthwhile there, but others have also cancelled their trips. Guys like Peyton Newell, DJ Foster and Monte Harrison could pull the trigger and commit this weekend, although I wouldn't read much if they didn't. Newell himself won't announce till the end of August, so don't worry if there isn't a big haul immediately this weekend.

However, guys like Cameron Sims, Zaire Andre, Tony James, Kalen Ballage and Joshua Kalu won't be coming, and that's a lot of firepower lost. It's not the worst thing, but just makes the fact that Nebraska's staff has to get the top targets in much bigger.

There are only 7 weeks to camp today, so that's 7 weeks of hard core recruiting to get on.

.... and it's about damn time. Stoltenberg reportedly worked out at a multitude of spots for the staff. However, I wonder about Harrison Phillips getting an offer. Phillip is the type of kid that is worth having in your class because it shows you can control your local areas.

In other news, the University buried that time capsule on Thursday. Not that I looked, but does anyone remember what went in there?

From the LJS late Thursday, the turf at Memorial Stadium will be replaced before the season. To be honest, it's kinda disappointing that the same design is going to be used, but it seems to be the stuff that make people happy.

Sounds like Tai Webster has some issues to clear up academically before he starts play for Tim Miles. This wouldn't be the best thing to happen to Nebrasketball. Webster being ineligible would give fans a reminder of transgressions past with Doc Sadler and Barry Collier. Lets hope for the best here.

How many of you are cheering for Indiana this week in Omaha? Here's the Crimson Quarry's thoughts on their opener versus Louisville.

Look at this picture of Nebraska's individual player ratings in the new NCAA '14 game and you tell me what's wrong.

Game 4 of the NBA Finals went to the Heat, making the series even at 2. Sunday's Game 5 is big.

While in Chicago, Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals is on Saturday. You have to wonder how deflated the Bruins are after losing that lead.

After the first day of the US Open at Merion, there are familiar names on the leaderboard. Familiar as in they won't be close on Sunday. But Tiger ain't winning this week, so.... go Dustin Johnson?

We have already discussed Flag Day, but it's also the Army's Birthday and National Strawberry Shortcake Day as well as World Blood Donor Day.

On this day in history, the first national Civil Defense drill was held in 1954, TWA flight 847 was hijacked in 1985, and Michael Jordan won his sixth and final NBA title with the Chicago Bulls in 1998.

Today's birthdays include Donald Trump, Boy George, Steffi Graf, Pat Summitt and Marla Gibbs (Mrs Jefferson).

It's also Burl Ives birthday. This means you're getting one of his greats today.

(thanks ChristmasTimeTV)

The weekend is there, go get it everyone.