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Corn Nation Conversation, Episode 2: Josh Hansen

For Greg's first install of the CN Conversation, he talks to the guy who made him a Husker fan in the first place.

Josh Hansen

Episode Two of Corn Nation Conversation and Greg talks with a Husker fan, as we all are.

Sit back and hear the fandom story of Josh Hansen, Nebraska born and bred. What are some of this Nebraska native's favorite memories, least favorite memories, and some Husker memorabilia? And what does he think about recent coaches?

As always, Greg and Brian will be talking to various people throughout the summer in the Corn Nation Conversation series. Greg will be talking to different fans throughout the summer, while Brian will be getting a hold of bloggers and media types to talk about Husker football as well as College Football itself.

Don't forget, we are still doing our De-Tasseling the Huskers podcast every week, and you can ask either of the guys questions to be answered on it every week. Just make sure to use the #DtHPodcast hashtag to make sure we see it, and you'll be recognized and included.