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Thursday's Corn Flakes

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Almost to the weekend! Today brings an interview with Ross Els on recruiting, the Fox College FB schedule, and what not to do at the College World Series.

No more half empty domes for NCAA Regional Finals. And that's a good thing.
No more half empty domes for NCAA Regional Finals. And that's a good thing.
Tom Pennington

Hello and good Thursday morning to you all. Summer has arrived, because MAN THAT HEAT is just hitting ya. Living in Texas, I always think I'm used to it, but then when it gets to 100 for the first time, I just kid myself for another week. Let us get to this morning's links. ($= subscription may be needed)

Yesterday on Corn Nation, Jon talked about his top three Heisman candidates in the preseason, Greg and I talked about if Shawn Eichorst was concerned about the perceptions of both the football and basketball programs (I doubt it), and you got a nice interview with incoming Husker DT Kevin Maurice.

Brian Christopherson of the LJS had an interview with Ross Els, Nebraska's recruiting coordinator about his feelings leading up to Big Red Weekend. You can read it and probably figure out my opinions about his statements. ($)

It should honestly go without saying, but there are some people that need to be reminded not to go on the field at TD Ameritrade during the College World Series.

Steve Pederson got a five year contract extension at Pitt yesterday. For all the wrong he did at Nebraska regardless of intentions, he's seemed to do okay in his second go-round in Pittsburgh.

Some idiotic jackass felt the burning urge to vandalize Howard's Rock at Clemson. Such a crappy story, I hope they find the asinine mouthbreathers that did it.

Fox released their 2013 College Football TV schedule. The only possible way to see Nebraska on it is from Indy in the B1G title game, which is good. And lord I hope we get Fox Sports 1 right away.

Another person leaving Madison, as Safety Reggie Mitchell is going to Pitt.

Arizona State and Notre Dame will indeed meet in 2014. Previously, it was only going to be a 1 game gig at Cowboys Stadium in October. Good for Todd Graham, who has his hands full with team issues currently.

The Team Ratings for NCAA '14 from EA Sports were released. The Huskers come in at a tidy 88 total ranking. The highest ranked player? DON'T MAKE HIM MAD.

Some of you were asleep for the ending of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. If you were, then you missed a 3 Overtime classic, with the Blackhawks erasing a 3-1 deficit to win it.

Game 4 of the NBA Finals tonight in San Antonio. The biggest question is if Tony Parker will be a go with a hamstring injury.

For those of you that don't like the big domes for NCAA Tournament Regional finals, good news. They are a thing of the past now.

If you think that Mark Emmert is doing a bad job with the NCAA, you're not alone. Seems like there are some people internally that have some of those thoughts too.

Horrible news Wednesday night in the motor racing world, as NASCAR driver Jason Leffler got in a bad wreck and died during a race in New Jersey.

Jason Kidd was named Head Coach of the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday. The thing that gets me about that story is that Brian Shaw has interviewed many times for a lot of NBA Head Coach spots only to fall short. From the Lakers and Cavs up to this job, where he was reportedly interviewed for 3 hours before Kidd was hired.

The Major League Baseball season will open in Australia in 2014, where the Dodgers and Diamondbacks will brawl like sons of bitches play baseball down under to kick everything off.

Today's birthdays? The Olsen twins, Tim Allen, Steve O, Ally Sheedy (OHHYEA), Hannah Storm, Siegfried, and Malcolm McDowell.

On this day in history, Miranda rights are established in 1966, while Alexander the Great died a long time ago.

Today is National Weed Your Garden Day, as well as National Sewing Machine Day.

To finish the flakes, how about some 'stellar' SEC football? BURNING I SAY.

(thanks Holly Anderson/Aunt Stabby/EDSBS)

Have a great day everyone.