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The New Huskers: An Interview With Kevin Maurice

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Wanna hear what one of the newest Husker Defensive Lineman had to say? It's all inside.

One of the more anticipated incoming Freshman to the Nebraska football team is Kevin Maurice, a 6'3" 270 pounder from Orlando, Florida.

Maurice had several offers from all over the Eastern part of the US, but Nebraska was the best school to come knocking and he answered the door for them.

Our friend Evan Massey interviewed Maurice and gave us the scoop on what Kevin said about coming to Lincoln.

Q. What made you choose to sign with Nebraska?

A. It was a school that gave me the opportunity to be successful on and off the field.

Q. What was the recruiting process like for you?

A. Started off real slow, then once my senior year came along I played DT full time and the recruitment began opening up.

Q. How do you feel about your chances at playing time this season?

A. I feel really confident about my chances. If there was a position that is weak right now, it's at the defensive line so I like my chances.

Q. Heading into the Big 10, how excited are you to be playing in one of the best NCAAF conferences?

A. Really excited. Can't wait to play against the best of the best. Doesn't get better than that.

Q. At what age did you begin playing football? When did you realize you had D1 talent?

A. I started playing football my freshman year in High School so when I was 14. Once I started getting called out of class to talk to college coaches, I knew that I had D1 talent.

Q. What would you tell fans to expect from you on the field?

A. An individual that will work his butt off to make an impact!

Q. What is the one area that you think you need to improve in the most?

A. Strength and speed because it's a whole different ball game in college.

Q. What kinds of things do you enjoy doing off the field? What's your favorite food?

A. Off the field I'm a big video game guy. Gather up some friends and have tournaments and what not. My favorite food has to be rice and chicken.

Q. Who has made the biggest impact on your career to help get you to this point?

A. Without a doubt has to be my mother.

Q. What would you tell a young football player with D1 dreams to do?
A. Above everything make sure to be on top of your grades. Next, continue to work your craft, work hard, and let everything work out by itself.