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Episode 32: De-Tasseling The Huskers

Greg and Brian discuss the iOS7 changes, the weather (YEP OFFSEASON IS HERE), and debating the football vs basketball traditions and are they changing?

Eric Francis

Brian and Greg get the show started talking about the weather (which has since changed). Then the guys talk a little technology (if Ndamukong Suh can donate money so that each player has their own iPad in the locker room, surely we can talk about the iOS 7.....and don't call me Shirley).

Trey (a former Navy SEAL...remember that) asks a good question about tradition in the football and Nebrasketball programs and if AD Shawn Eichort should be concerned.

A shout out to the latest verbal commit, Highland (IL) Bulldog Tanner Farmer. Greg wishes the high school team he covered would play Highland so he could see Farmer in action.

And, of course, there's food talk.

We already have another question for next week's show, but we can fit more questions in the show. Heck, if we could, we'd go a full 2 hours if we really wanted to.

Don't forget, you can always ask us a question on twitter using the #DtHPodcast hashtag to Greg or myself anytime.