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Wednesday's Corn Flakes

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The middle of the week brings news on Softball's final ranking, Nebraska's APR rankings, and more bowl games for you all!!

Johnny Manziel at the Spurs/Heat game last night, you guys.
Johnny Manziel at the Spurs/Heat game last night, you guys.

Today is Wednesday, June 12th, 2014, in case you didn't remember and needed to be reminded. You laugh now at that thought, but someone will appreciate that mention sometime this morning. On to the goodness! ($= subscription may be needed)

From the entire day yesterday, Paul did a piece on the finals of the Husker Football Madness tournament, while we got on the breaking news of Offensive Lineman Tanner Farmer becoming the fourth* Husker Football verbal. Also, since you may have missed it last night, Jon wrote about the "Kenny Bell Rule" and what he thought about it.

The Husker Softball team finished the season eighth in the final USA Today/ESPN poll released on Tuesday. Not a bad season by all means. ($)

The NCAA went all student before athlete on Tuesday and released APR scores. Nebraska was 4th in the B1G in football, but basketball was the lowest in the B1G.

So, if you can't get thrilled about the thought of a bowl game in Yankee Stadium, how about Marlins Park, or the LA Coliseum... or even Dubai?

You'll never be more proud of the effort a 4-8 team gives in the weight room, man.

Has anyone checked on the Miami Heat? They were last seen getting howitzered by the Spurs behind the woodshed in San Antonio last night.

I say Hawks in 5. Mike says Bruins in 6. We will find out starting tonight for the Stanley Cup.

The US Men's Soccer team made things very easy for themselves last night in Seattle and stand very close to qualifying for the 2014 World Cup.

The benches cleared between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks last night. There will be suspensions.

The College World Series has a full field finally. Carolina Blue will head to Omaha again. Remember when Florida Atlantic put them to the wall twice in the Regionals?

It was hard to find Tim Tebow news, you guys. Hope this is good enough.

Famous birthdays for today include George H. Bush (the older one), Kendra Wilkinson, Hideki Matsui, and Marv Albert.

On this day in History, Ronald Reagan challenged Gorbachev to "TEAR DOWN THIS WALL" in 1987. Also, the Philippines declared Independence in 1898, and Gregory Peck died in 2003.

John Lennon, anyone?

(thanks JohnLennonHQ)

Podcast comes today folks. If you have a last minute question, throw it down in the comments.

Have a great day everyone.