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Tuesday's Corn Flakes

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The CN morning knowledge drop includes having an almost full CWS field and changes in Madison. Also, realizing that the key here is, of course, clammy hands.

Christian Petersen

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday, June 11th. Almost to the summer solstice, and time's a wastin, so lets get to the news of the day! ($ = subscription may be needed)

In case you were busy working or cleaning the cat box Monday, on CN Mike started his preview of '13 opponents with the Wyoming prelude, and former Georgetown assistant Kenya Hunter was named assistant by Tim Miles for Nebrasketball. Also, former Nebraska assistant John Melton passed on.

About Taven Bryan going to Big Red Weekend.... nope.

How about Jason Hall? Nope ($)

Eleven Warriors did their B1G recruiting rankings. Nebraska? WOOF.

Seven of the eight spots have been filled for the College World Series. The winner of the North vs South Carolina rubber match, assuming the monsoon will end sometime in Chapel Hill, is the final spot available. The pairings and such are here for your convenience.

Remember when we all saw Danny O'Brien go to Wisconsin from Maryland and thought he'd be the man to take over for Russell Wilson? Well, scrap that, because O'Brien has left Madison. Where he goes is anyone's guess. However, one wonders if it's been a case of bad timing for Danny anywhere he goes.

Speaking of Wisconsin, Camp Randall is getting a couple new boards for the folks to see.

Coming up next on the Longhorn Network? Yoga with Ricky Williams. I'm not kidding either.

Dunno if you've heard, but Tim Tebow signed with the New England Patriots as a quarterback. I'm sure it will just slip through the cracks though.

How much does TCU make by leaving their Fort Worth home and heading down Interstate 30 to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington come Labor Day Weekend to play LSU? Try $3 million.

Wait.... this is a thing? Oh lord, lets hope not.

Game three in San Antonio tonight between the Heat and Spurs.

Some wanna laugh at the uniforms Louisville had in the Super Regional against Vandy. And they they realize that Adidas is the same supplier for the Cards as well as the Huskers. Mississippi State and NC State got versions of this too, and /weeps.

If your birthday is today, you share it with Joe Montana, Gene Wilder, Shia Lebouf, Diana Taurasi, and Jose Reyes.

On this date in history, John Wayne passed away in 1979, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was released in 1986, and in 1776, the US Congress appointed the "Committee of Five" to work on the Declaration of Independence.

Bueller you say? Of course, cause who DIDN'T want Sloane Peterson as a girlfriend??

(thanks CineLeonor)

Now, you're ready for today. SO GO GET EM TIGER.