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Monday's Corn Flakes

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The beginning of the week brings news on a current Nebraska commit, excitement on Big Red Weekend, and the Big 10 heads to the College World Series.

It starts this weekend.
It starts this weekend.
Christian Petersen

Good Monday morning to you, friends. We kept it slow this weekend, but it's time to fire it back up with the links you love. On to the news you need to know. ($ = may need a subscription)

From this weekend, news that the Nebraska/UCLA kickoff is an early one, a commitment from Drew Brown (brother of famed Husker kicker Kris), and a OTE piece on bold flavors of B1G predicitons.

Also from this weekend, sounds like Bo Pelini has designated captains for the 2013 season already. Normally, the team had floating captains that changed from week to week. I don't mind this change at all; you have to eventually know your Chiefs from your Indians. I do wonder about the timing of said announcement however, for it does seem early to me at least.

Some interesting news from Sunday about the status of Nebraska DB verbal Jason Hall of Grand Prairie, Texas (hey, that town is familiar... )

Now, to be honest, I do expect something to come from this. Hall is being found by a lot of teams here in Texas and such. The Texas offer followed an Oklahoma offer that also came this weekend. It would say a lot about Terry Joseph if, somehow someway, Hall is a Husker by the time NSD comes around.

However, do I see that happening? Not right this moment, because there are going to be too many bullets to dodge on this one. This could go either way, but don't be shocked if Hall indeed flips sometime soon.

Steve Sipple says that it's go time for Big Red Weekend and it could be large. I've been saying this for a while now, and if Hall does decommit, there has to be some sort of progress made this weekend from over 20 visitors to Lincoln. ($)

I will have more this week on Big Red Weekend, I am hoping some fireworks come to bring Nebraska up to speed with every other Big 10 program.

The full slate for the College World Series will be set by the end of the day today. North Carolina State, Louisville, LSU and UCLA have punched their ticket. And so has Indiana, the Big 10 tourney champs. They are the first B1G team to go to the CWS in almost thirty years. With Kansas State/Oregon State fighting for another spot, it's time for the excuses from Northern schools to cease immediately, especially in the B1G.

Oh look, Jim Delany was indeed talking for himself when he said the B1G would go D3.

Trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage? Here's a lot of College Football lines to digest for the season. Nebraska a 6 point fave over UCLA? I like that.

The Heat and Spurs tied up at 1 over the weekend. The series goes to central San Antonio for the next three games.

It's Chicago vs Boston in the Stanley Cup Finals. The two best teams of the shortened season, I believe. Gimme the Blackhawks in 6 though.

Golf's greatest converge near Philadelphia for the US Open this weekend. The favorite? Come on now.

Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams won their respective sides at the French Open. But the bigger news could have been the dolt with the flare on the court Sunday during the Men's Final.

Today's birthdays include Kate Upton, Elizabeth Hurley, Prince Philip, Derek Dooley, Dan Fouts, Gina Gershon, and F. Lee Bailey.

On this day in history, Ben Franklin flew his kite in a thunderstorm in 1752, the final episode of the Sopranos aired in 2007 (it's been THAT long?), and Luther Campbell was arrested with his 2 Live Crew for obscenities in a Hollywood, Florida nightclub in 1990.

No Number 1 song listed today, rather, let your Monday kick off this way:

(thanks Daniel Dopp)

Get out there and own Monday everyone.