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De-Tasseling The Huskers, Episode 27: Beck's Eventual Replacement, Indiana Series, Recruiting Thoughts

The discussion today centers yardwork and weather, as well as who would replace Tim Beck if when he gets his own Head Coaching gig, as well as the Indiana series and a little recruiting talk.

Well, welcome to Wednesday. The middle of most people's week, the end of others that work on weekends and such. And the day you get Corn Nation in your ears.

Greg and Brian jump into the Corn Nation Studios (located in a deep dark bunker in Cobby's house) to discuss things like Baseball's status after the Indiana series, who should be the very first phone call once Tim Beck moves on from Lincoln (and saying NOPE NOPE NOPE isn't a good argument), and yardwork and weather, cause middle aged married males who miss college football don't have much to share come Memorial Day. Also, Brian has an issue with recruiting as Greg is the calm one. GREG CALM, IMAGINE THAT.

Now, don't forget that we make the call starting on Monday for questions for DtH and we want as many as we can get, so make sure to follow Greg or Brian or even the Corn Nation on twitter and use the hashtag #DtHPodcast to ask us questions. You can use this hashtag with full knowledge that the NCAA won't punish you for it. Us on the other hand..... pray for us please.