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Thursday's Corn Flakes

Softball starts their title march today, Tatum Edwards an All-American, and the best Wide Receivers in the Big 10?

This saved a riot in Chicago. Okay, maybe not a riot, but they would have been mad.
This saved a riot in Chicago. Okay, maybe not a riot, but they would have been mad.

Welcome to Thursday, May 30th of 2013 folks. Lets hope you all stayed safe after all the storms that rocked Nebraska last night, and keep staying safe through the weather forecasted tonight. Lets get it going, shall we? ($ may mean a subscription is needed to see the piece)

ICYMI, the podcast with Greg and I yesterday talked about food, baseball, and softball. A lot of food. It's the offseason. Also, we have a podcast series we're going to debut on Sunday for you fine folks.

The Softball team kicks off their WCWS effort today versus Washington. Here's what the NCAA thinks you should know about the game. Keep your eyes out for a game thread here later on this morning.

Speaking of softball, Junior Tatum Edwards was named a second team All-American on Wednesday.

Steve Sipple looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy into the future about planning for the College Football Playoff. I think you should worry about that when you arrive at that bridge, and I also think that Steve went off on some odd tangent that got crammed somewhere it shouldn't have, but offseason right? ($)

Tom Dienhart ranks Nebraska's WR crew at the best in the Big 10, while the RB's the fourth best. Fair assessments of both, in my eyes. If Braylon Heard stayed, I would say top three easily.... but he didn't, so they aren't. The only thing about the WR statement he makes is that you can argue the group of Nunn, Peterson, Swift and Purify could have been better.

Nebraska is well represented in Canadian Football League camps this spring:


Oh look, the Paterno family is suing the NCAA on "behalf of Penn State", only PSU is distancing themselves from this one.

Speaking of idiotic NCAA bullshit, I always thought the "no cream cheese on a bagel" one was stupid. However I have now found one better.

There were some e-mails "released" by folks that say how pissed off the Big 10 was at the whole recruiting rules upheaval thing. Kirk Ferentz said dumb stuff, but so did Mark Emmert. I always wonder how Emmert treats a pizza delivery person, probably throws a $2 bill in the yard during a rainstorm for a tip. However, Ferentz claiming poverty and shit is the funniest thing you'll get out of that piece.

Texas Tech and Arkansas decided to have a home and home set. The Red Raiders are going to be the first of the old SWC teams to play every former member after the break up.

Supposedly, Braxton Miller ran a 4.32 40, according to Ohio State. Luke Zimmerman calls shenanigans on that one.

The NHL, with Gary Bettman seething over how David Stern had Joey Crawford rigging Miami/Indiana the previous night, decided to try to rig Game 7 of the Detroit/Chicago game. But in the end, it didn't matter.

Royals fans.... I'm sorry you have to deal with this franchise. I mean, I'm really sorry.

Today is National Water a Flower Day, and on this day, the first Indianapolis 500 was held. Birthdays today to Steven Gerrard, Ceelo, Gale Sayers, and Tom Morello.

The Number 1 song on this day in 1981? Kim Carnes, with Bette Davis Eyes.

(h/t to vevo)

Have a great Thursday everyone.