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Husker Fans Sell-Out First Basketball Season at New Arena

With about six months to go before basketball season starts, nary a ticket can be found.

Over the past 14 seasons, there have been many games where there never seemed a time when Nebraska basketball would be the hotest ticket in town. Well, for the hearty loyal Nebrasketball fans that stuck it out, that time may be here.

A perfect storm of a new arena, affordable ticket prices, a young, energetic new coach and expectations exceeded in his first year have fueled a brisk sale of season tickets at the sparkeling new Pinnacle Bank Arena. Nearly six months before the first game will even be played the athletic department announced today that they have sold out their first season at the new palace.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Waitlist has started for Huskers Men's Basketball @<a href="">pinnaclearena</a><a href="">#SeasonOne</a> <a href="">#ThankYouFans</a> <a href="">#GBR</a></p>&mdash; Nebraska Basketball (@HuskerHoops) <a href="">May 3, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Husker fans have long derided their lack of home court advantage. With a sold-out arena, that excuse won't hold much water, at least not for next season. Fans that want to get on the waiting list can go to for all the information.

Pinnacle Bank Arena will hold more than 15,000 seats, so selling out the building will shatter the previous mark for season tickets sold for men's basketball, which was about 12,000 for the 92-93 season. This will be a nearly unprecedented opportunity for Miles and the Huskers to capture a previously elusive fan base and potentially build a fan base for years to come, they just need win some games. For the team and these 15,000 fans, basketball season can't get here soon enough. Who thought they'd ever hear that about Nebrasketball?