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Nebraska Huskers: Friday's Corn Flakes

Big Suh meets Team Jack, a walk-on giving back to walk-ons, a mountain of recruiting offers and so much more!


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Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • Nebrasketball madness!

  • Tim Miles looks to import from Finland. [LJS]*
  • Mary Weatherholt and Patricia Veresova both earned individual bids to the 2013 Division 1 Women's Tennis Championships. [Official Site]
  • Track and field's Jessica Furlan, Mara Griva and Chad Wright were all honored by the B1G. [Official Site]
  • Harvey Perlman says college football's playoff committee needs to be as far away from athletic directors as possible. [OWH]*

  • Remember all of that recruiting deregulation? Nevermind...for now. [ESPN]