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De-Tasseling The Huskers, Episode 30: Food, Baseball, Softball.... Food

For number 30, Greg and Brian talk about what most men talk about. Food, baseball, softball, and more food.

We should ask Darin to be on a podcast. On second thought ...
We should ask Darin to be on a podcast. On second thought ...
Jon Johnston/Corn Nation

This week, Greg and Brian talk food. Lots of food.

The side dishes to the food conversation are talks about Husker Softball and Baseball.

And, oh yeah, more food.

Also, be on the lookout for the sidekick podcast to DtH coming up next week. It's a companion. We aren't going anywhere.

Now, as mentioned in the podcast, we'll be keeping on with DtH, but we won't be really asking abound for questions this summer, as there isn't that much of a push for them right now. However, if you know someone that would be perfect for interviewing on podcasts, let Greg or I know on twitter, or visit the Corn Nation Facebook page to get the word out.

However, as always, if there's just something you're DYING to hear discussed, don't be afraid to ask using the #DtHPodcast hashtag and Greg and I will still cover it for you to all hear.