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Nebraska Football: Avery Moss Charged With Public Indecency

The Nebraska Defensive End allegedly pulled some shenanigans in a UNL convenience store.

Moss (94)
Moss (94)
Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

Nebraska solidified their Fulmer Cup campaign today.

(Note: Winning the Fulmer cup is bad)

Early Friday afternoon, Sam McKeown of the Omaha World Herald reported that Redshirt Freshman DL Avery Moss was charged with disturbing the peace and public indecency, both misdemeanors. Moss, who played 3 games for the Huskers last year before being lost for the season with a shoulder injury, pleaded not guilty to both charges. His bench trial is scheduled for July 23rd of this summer.

The charge alleges that Moss, 19, exposed himself to a female employee of the Knoll C-Store twice on December 15th of last year. The two incidents were four hours apart , according to the complaint.

Moss was then later picked out of a photo lineup by the person filing the complaint, therefore causing the arrests and charges brought on Moss. Avery and his attorney, Brad Roth, had no comment, as neither did Head Coach Bo Pelini.

It is rather interesting that this incident happened before the bowl season and is just now coming to light. This incident also casts shadows on a person that is going to be depended on to anchor a D-Line that needs all the help it could get after last season.

As always, if anything comes up, we will make sure you find out about it.