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De-tasseling the Huskers, Episode 29: Thoughts on Moore, Baseball/Softball Postseason, More White Stripes?

Before the Huskers take on Michigan today at Target Field, pass the time listening to Greg and Brian give you their thoughts on a lot of things.

Say hello to Turbo, everyone. This is what Brian drives him to.
Say hello to Turbo, everyone. This is what Brian drives him to.
Brian/Kelly Towle

Greg and Brian talk about the weather in Oklahoma and Greg's desire to hang up on people who call the radio station asking if it's raining/there's power/schools have snow days.

Then the guys take your question: Should Nebraska adopt and play the White Stripes at home games? After that, we look into some bands and artist that fit the "red and white motif."

-----We interrupt this broadcast for breaking news from the NFL----

Brian gives Greg a brief overview of what happened when Nebraska faced Michigan last weekend and, oh yeah, the two teams meet in the first round of the Big Ten (not XII) Tournament today.

Big shout out to the Husker softball team as they travel to Oregon for a super-regional series with the Ducks.

Remember to send in your questions and topics each week so we keep the conversation more Nebraska-related. That's's all your fault.

It is the slow season here for Husker athletics, so we will be doing more podcasts for you guys, as we'll be talking to different people this summer, getting their opinion about Nebraska athletics as well as the Big 10 and all across the NCAA.

Do you have something you want us to talk about? Well, watch the call on twitter from Greg (@thehooch36), CN (@CornNation) or myself (@btbowling) for the call for questions starting every Monday.