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Nebraska Huskers: Monday's Corn Flakes

Nebraska vs. Michigan, Hooper playing for the World, Johnny Stanton's senior highlights and why Nebraska hasn't offered David Cornwell?!

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

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Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • Do you think Nebraska's helmet is superior to Michigan's winged dome? Prove it!
  • After enough weather delays to have a large steak lunch at Misty's and digest it, Nebraska softball defeated Stanford 10-5 in the regional final. They advance to face the Oregon Ducks in the Eugene, OR. super regional. [Official Site]
  • Jordan Hooper earned a spot on the 12-player roster for the Women's World University Games. [Official Site]

  • Tim Beck ranks as the No. 2 highest-paid coordinator . [OWH]*, [Total staff numbers]
  • Getting cupcakes on B1G schedules is in the conference's own self interest, says Lee Barfknecht [OWH]
  • Overall 2014 B1G schedule analysis: [OWH]*
  • Poor pitching still plagues Big Red baseball [LJS]*
  • Husker Heisman winners still looking good during a Las Vegas golf fundraiser. [ReviewJournal]
  • Shot in the dark here, but I think Andrew wants to know why Nebraska hasn't offered David Cornwell:Untitled-2_medium