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Nebraska Huskers: Friday's Corn Flakes

Another football transfer, that's "Coach" Ross to you, an amazing B1G baseball stat and more!


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Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • Nebraska's seniors lead the way into NCAA softball's tourney. [Official Blog]
  • Tatum Edwards, Emily Lockman and Brooke Thomason earned All-Region honors. [Official Site]
  • Big Red baseball drops an early lead, falling to Michigan 7-5 [OWH]
  • However...

  • The Erstad Era of Big Red baseball already has a unique resume. [Official Blog]
  • Women's Nebrasketball will face North Carolina in next season's B1G/ACC Challenge. [Official Site]
  • Five former Husker golfers advance to the sectional qualifying stage of the U.S. Open Championships. [Official Site]
  • Megan Southworth and Conor McDermott both earn postgraduate scholarships. [Official Blog]