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Nebraska Baseball: Huskers vs Creighton Bluejays

Nebraska baseball takes on the Creighton Bluejays in the final non-conference game of the 2013 season. GO BIG RED!

Hope to see more of this happenin' after the game is over.
Hope to see more of this happenin' after the game is over.
Jon Johnston

Tuesday, May 14 - 7:05 p.m.

Probable Starters: RHP Tyler Niederklein (0-1) vs. RHP Matt Warren (2-2)
TV: NET (In The State of Nebraska)
Stream: None
Radio: Husker Sports Network

Tonight is the last regular season non-conference game for Nebraska, and with an overall record of 23-26, it'd be nice if they'd win it to make that target of .500 being that much more accessible.

HA! Who am I kidding? How 'bout they win it because it's against those evildoers from Omaha, those types of people who are all swarmy in their urbaniteness and think they're better than you because they paid more for their degree than you did.

Nebraska and Creighton were scheduled to meet three times this season, once in Omaha, once in Lincoln, and another time in a cow pasture near Gretna, which is now otherwise known as Omaha because everything up there has grown together and who the hell can tell the difference anymore besides people who live there.

The game in Lincoln was cancelled due to weather like so many other games this season, and the Bluejays won the game TD Ameritrade park 5-3.

Nebraska has four games left, including the final conference series against Michigan this weekend. They need to win all four games to finish above .500.

Creighton comes into this game at 28-14 overall, in third place in the Missouri Valley Conference at 11-7 (leaders are Wichita State, then Illinois State). Their pseudo-RPI is at 45 (Nebraska: 32).

This is your open thread for tonight!