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Nebraska Baseball: Huskers vs Gophers Game Two!

Nebraska won the first game of the series with Minnesota 6-0. Today is game two, with Minnesota's DJ Snelten going up against Nebraska's Kyle Kubat in a game for world domination of all college baseball! (Oh, were it that way!)

Jon Johnston
Saturday, May 11 - 2:05 p.m.

Probable Starters: LHP Kyle Kubat (4-0) vs. RHP Alec Crawford (3-1)

TV: None
Radio: Husker Sports Network

Excellent game yesterday as Nebraska tore up Gopher pitching and held their batters to nil,nada, nothing, winning 6-0. Nebraska scored four runs in the ninth inning to overwhelm and smash the conference-leading Gophers in a hopeful attempt to squash their spirit for the rest of the series!

Today features Kyle "KILLER" Kubat against DJ "Candyman" Snelten in a brawl for the title!

I'll be at today's game and I'll try to update periodically. Check in with us and let us know how you're doing, how you're getting through the offseason.

Indiana beat Northwestern 3-1 yesterday and Ohio State is playing out of conference against Oregon (yesterday's game postponed).