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2013 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament - Open Thread

This is not what it looks like in western Nebraska right now.
This is not what it looks like in western Nebraska right now.
Jon Johnston

Note - there is no baseball game between Creighton and Nebraska tonight because of bad weather.

There is another national title game, however, the 2013 Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament National Title Game which features yet another appearance by UCONN (ugh) as they take on the Louisville Cardinals, who's men's team just won the national title in men's basketball last evening.

Your choices are:

- Root for UConn to win another national title because Geno Auremmia only has seven.

- Root for Louisville to win another national title to match their one in men's basketball.

- Pretend that this game doesn't exist at all and move to other topics of discussion. I'm guessing most of you will go with this option.


- Which would you rather fight, one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

- Weather, weather, weather, and then some more weather, mostly cold, then make a comment about global warming without mentioning Al Gore.

- How often should CN put up an open thread even though there may not be a contest any of us really give a crap about?