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Nebraska Huskers: Friday's Corn Flakes

Red and white teams chomping at the bit, cutting down on turnovers, Kiper's take on Nebraska's 2013 draft class and so much more!

Eric Francis

Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • ICYMI: A review of linebackers on hand and a preview of things to come.
  • Red and white teams are already psyched:

  • The Big Red's working to close the bakery and cut down on the turnovers [ESPN]
  • ...Yeah...

  • Last call for time capsule stuff! [Official Site]
  • Schedule Conflict News!

  • If you're in Lincoln, don't forget about Dr. Tim Gay's football physics lecture at 12:15 PM Central in Memorial Stadium's West Stadium Club. There will be a 11:45 AM reception with free pizza (while supplies last), and yes, he'll be going over Kenny Bell's hit. [Official Site]
  • Can't make it? Peep the live webcast! [UNL Research]
  • Nebrasketball Seating Alert!

  • Big Red baseball looks to better their conference record in a series at Iowa. This evening's first pitch is scheduled for 6:05 PM central. [Official Site]
  • The No. 19 softball squad wraps up a long road trip with a series against Iowa starting this evening. First pitch is scheduled for 6:30 PM. [Official Site]
  • Nebraska's first ever sand volleyball team is tied for No. 6 with UCLA [Official Site]
  • The No. 13 women's tennis team takes on No. 19 Purdue and Indiana [Official Site]
  • The women's golfers will end their season at SMU. [Official Site]
  • Nebraska Football humorist Tunnel Walk of Shame has a special edition comic for this weekend's Spring Game! Check it out! []