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Nebraska Huskers Spring Football 2013: Recapping The Secondary

The Huskers' secondary is easily the most talented defensive unit. Who has the inside track to start and what sophomore could turn into a sensation?

Eric Francis


No. 16 Stanley Jean-Baptiste (Sr.) 6-3, 220 24 tackles (18 solo), two INTs, nine PBU
No. 17 Ciante Evans (Sr.) 5-11, 190 56 tackles (38 solo), three TFL, two sacks, one INT, eight PBU
No. 11 Andrew Green (Sr.) 6-0, 195 50 tackles (28 solo), 2.5 TFL, one sack, three PBU
N0. 4 Mohammed Seisay (Sr.) 6-2, 200 seven tackles (three solo)
No. 5 Josh Mitchell (Jr.) 5-11, 160 29 tackles (21 solo), 2 TFL, one sack, one INT, five PBU, one forced fumble
No. 2 Jonathan Rose (So.) 6-1, 190 N/A
No. 23 Daniel Davie (So.) 6-1, 185 seven tackles (three solo), one PBU
No. 18 Leroy Alexander (RFr,) 6-0, 190 N/A
Boaz Joseph 6-1, 190 N/A


No. 6 Corey Cooper (Jr.) 6-1, 210 17 tackles (eight solo), 1.5 TFL, 0.5 sacks,
No. 1 Harvey Jackson (Jr.) 6-2, 210 13 tackles (nine solo), one fumble recovery
No. 21 Charles Jackson (So.) 5-11, 175 11 tackles (six solo), one PBU
Nathan Gerry (Fr.) 6-2, 210 N/A
Drake Martinez (Fr.) 6-2, 200 N/A
No. 8 D.J. Singleton (Fr.) 6-1, 200 N/A

1. And...Exhale - Been keeping up with the defensive previews? Now you can relax. The Huskers' secondary is the one defensive unit that isn't wanting for talent, and the eventual starting lineup will keep the opposition on the ground more often than not.

SJB's surprisingly pleasant 2012 performance put him in prime position to lock down a starting spot while Evans and Green slug it out for the other.

2. This Rose's Got Thorns - Jonathan Rose may only be a sophomore, but the former Auburn Tiger has seen time against the likes of Alabama, LSU and South Carolina.

All due respect, putting your standard B1G wide receiver up against SEC-level talent is like taking a swing at the kid who had a growth spurt over the summer during lunch. He'll see you at the flag pole at three.

Feel free to be excited about his future at Nebraska. if Evans or Green can't hack it, Rose is likely closer to being on deck than you may think.

3. Safety Dance - Nebraska knocked out their needs at safety like a pro with the additions of Gerry, Martinez and Singleton.

Quotes out of spring practice regarding Corey Cooper seem cautiously optimistic. Quotes don't matter, though. Results do. The proof will be on display this Saturday. He's got the potential to be an excellent safety. Now he just needs to put it all together.

While it's tempting to throw a wreckin' machine like Gerry into the fire, the two upperclassmen should have the inside track to a starting gig.

4. Walk-ons - Anthony Ridder and Yusef Wade are two cornerbacks to keep an eye on. Wade was buried in the running back depth chart. Let's see how he does on the other side of the ball.

5. Bottom Line - Remember that glossy pass defense ranking that didn't move until Aaron Murray took shots downfield in the Capital One Bowl? There's an opportunity for it to pop up again for the same reason.

That said, should the line and linebackers provide a competent run defense against stronger opponents, it'd be a number worth crowing about.

Hope that the latter is the case. If the front seven can't contain offenses on a regular basis? There's a reason they're called safeties.