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Nebraska Huskers: Tuesday's Corn Flakes

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Team Jack took plenty of pictures in Washington, football scheduling updates, another volleyball player's leaving and more!

Andy Hoffman

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Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • The Huskers sit at No. 22 in Mark Schlabach's latest top 25. [ESPN]
  • Baker Steinkuhler hopes to see a contract with the Texans in his future. [LJS]*

  • The Big Red isn't quite sure who to drop from their 2016 schedule just yet. [OWH]*
  • No Husker games are currently on ABC/ESPN's prime-time schedule [ESPN]
  • November night games might work in the B1G's favor for the future of such games. [OWH]*
  • Softball's Tatum Edwards earns Big Ten Pitcher of the Week honors. [Official Site]
  • Volleyball setter Alexa Strange is leaving the program. [FT]
  • Tim Miles' brainwashing skills are amazing!

  • The SEC's draft numbers are impressive, but can be somewhat misleading [OWH]*
  • College football's playoff logo is unveiled. It was voted on by the fans, so you only have yourselves to blame. [USAToday]