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2013 Nebraska Football Spring Game: For What Will We Cheer?

The 2013 Nebraska football spring game is coming up this weekend. In the sixth anniversary of our "For What Will We Cheer?" poll, we ask the question again - for what will Husker fans cheer the loudest?

Scott Cunningham

We've tried to take the pulse of the Nebraska fan base every year before the spring game by running a poll called "For What Will We Cheer?". It's a shortened name, as it really should be called "For What Will We Cheer Loudest?", but Corn Nation didn't have the flexibility in headlines that we do now and as it's now a tradition the name will remain the same.

2013 marks the sixth year of the poll. Links to past polls are below. If nothing else, they provide a perspective on where we've been over the past few years.

As for now, Husker fans head into this season with as high hopes as any other.... right? Spring is a time for renewed hope, but there's a nagging feeling that Husker fans are as fixated on the loss to Big Ten title loss to Wisconsin as they were the day it happened. I hope that's not true and that it doesn't spoil any of the fun.

The CN contributed entries for the poll, and there were some suggestions that didn't make the cut. Examples: Rex Burkhead sighting, Johnny Stanton on the big screen without crutches, Tom Osborne, and a pass reception by a tight end. Should those have been choices? Let us know in the comments section.

Last year Husker fans voted for "Husker wide receivers not dropping any passes, including a nasty block from Quincy Enunwa and signs of progress from Jamal Turner " - the description was specific but adequate given the frustration of dropped passes the previous season.

In 2011, Husker fans wanted to see Taylor Martinez back to playmaking speed, remembering the Martinez who exploded early in the 2010 season, becoming a Heisman prospect in process.

Three years ago, Husker fans were hungry for a quarterback - ANY quarterback - after having gone through the 2009 season with a championship-level defense and one of the most anemic offenses in the nation.

In 2009, fans were still worried about the defense. The defense had made a significant jump during Bo Pelini's first season but Husker fans wanted more.

It wasn't hard to guess in 2008. Husker fans were just pleased that Pelini was our new head coach.