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Nebraska Football: Where Huskers Stand for the 2014 NFL Draft

Will next year's draft be more prosperous for the Big Red? It's never too early to run down potential pros.


The 2013 NFL draft was straight up disappointing for Nebraska with only Rex Burkhead and Daimion Stafford being selected. Looking ahead to possible 2014 picks, the class looks appears similar to this year's in terms of talent. Let's break down who has a legit shot at having their name called next April as things stand today.

For the purpose of this article, CBS' NFLDraftScout's rankings will be used.

QB Taylor Martinez - He'll put up his usual numbers in 2013, but as discussed with Dave Bartoo, GMs are going to see Martinez as a great later round value. It doesn't hurt that next year's quarterback class is light in quality, either.

QB Ron Kellogg III - Due to being a career backup at Nebraska, Kellogg likely won't see time in an NFL camp.

FB C.J. Zimmerer - Depending on how well he does in 2013, Zimmerer may be asked to try out for a spot.

WR Quincy Enunwa - Next year's wide receiver class is already stacked and Enunwa is ranked as No. 34 without any underclassmen declaring. Look for him to be a free agency signing.

TE Jake Long - Long needs to have a huge role in Big Red victories this season to sneak into the later rounds. Currently ranked as the No. 17 tight end, look for his spot on the board to drop due to underclassmen declaring. A likely free agent signing.

C Cole Pensick - He'll be picked up in free agency, the question is how hard will he be pursued? If he has a solid year as Nebraska's man in the middle of the offensive line, he could have a home wrapped up quickly after the draft ends.

OL Spencer Long - Possibly the Huskers' highest pick in the 2014 draft, Long seems a lock to go on the second day if he can repeat last season's performance. If he can maintain that level of play, it's not out of the question to see him taken in the second round.

OT Andrew Rodriguez - He has all of the potential to be a stud, but has lacked interested from day one in Lincoln. It's hard to see Rodriguez getting any invites if he continues to be lethargic.

OT Jeremiah Sirles and Brent Qvale- Whether it's technique, blocking or fundamentals, these two need to improve their game to the point where they have a legitimate shot at joining Long on the All-Big Ten team.

From there, they need to put on an impressive showing at the NFL combine and/or Nebraska's pro day. If they can do this, they have a shot at being third day selections. If not, they'll slip into free agency.

DE Jason Ankrah - He's going up against a tough class before any declarations, but Ankrah should have a solid 2013 campaign and likely end up as a free agent.

DT Thad Randle - NFL GMs love a leader and Randle is most certainly that. Unfortunately, he's already in an extremely deep class prior to declarations. He may get an invite to a practice squad on his toughness alone, but injuries could hold him back. A potential modern day Titus Adams.

CB Ciante Evans, Andrew Green, Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Mohammed Seisay - Considering offenses are likely going to run well before throwing against Nebraska, 2013 has the potential to mirror last season for all four cornerbacks.

Even if they step up their game, free agency seems probable unless one or two impress physically like Stafford did this year.