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De-tasseling The Huskers, Episode 25: Running Backs, Terry Joseph's Salary, Brion Carnes Gone

Greg and Brian have a discussion about Nebraska's RB depth (knock on wood), how much we would give Terry Joseph if he wants a raise, and faring Brion Carnes well as he leaves the Huskers.


We made it to Episode 25 and, once again, you ask some great questions.

This week the guys talk about Nebraska baseball's postseason chances, Terry Joseph (would you give him a raise?), and the young running backs (complete with in Lincoln, on their way to Lincoln, and no longer in Lincoln - looking at you Aaron and Braylon).

As a wild card, Brion Carnes gets a mention, and Brian pulls back the curtain towards the end of the show to alert you listeners to some changes heading your way, and of course, Greg's outtakes (and HE'S the radio "professional").

All in all, another great show


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