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Nebraska Football: Can Taylor Martinez Become an NFL Quarterback?

The Huskers' four-year starter wants to make it as a signal-caller in the NFL. Is his new goal achievable? It's time to break down Taylor Martinez' chances with some help from Dave Bartoo, creator of the College Football Matrix.

Ever since Taylor Martinez took over as Nebraska's starting quarterback four years ago, his status as a "true" quarterback has been in question. However, he's publicly stated that his goal is to become a signal-caller in The League.

Can he accomplish this? After reading about two factors in becoming an effective NFL quarterback, I decided to consult with one of the finest minds in football statistics today, creator of the College Football Matrix, Dave Bartoo.

Bartoo and I discuss such topics as:

  • Whether or not Martinez can reach his goal
  • His appropriate place on an NFL football field
  • Whether or not Nebraska is an "elite" program
  • Overall NFL QB bust rates
  • What will help or harm Martinez's chances
As Dave has demonstrated on radio waves across the country, the numbers never lie. Is Martinez destined for a shot in the NFL? Have a listen and find out.

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