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Nebraska Football: Brion Carnes Transferring

The nephew of Tommie Frazier just never worked out in Lincoln

Eric Francis

Time to close the book on a 2010 cycle player that just didn't work out in Lincoln.

Carnes, who was thought of as one big get in the 2010 cycle, just never worked out in Nebraska. For all the promise that came with his signing, it didn't happen. Even being related to Husker great Tommie Frazier didn't help Carnes.

There was being behind Taylor Martinez, there was the 2011 Spring Game where Carnes wow'ed the crowd with 210 total yards of offense. But then you also had the lack of ability of development being behind Taylor, three mop up appearances in 2011, and the move to Wide Receiver that never caught on.

The bottom line is that it wasn't happening, and this is good for both parties. Brion can go somewhere that he can play, and Nebraska can get another scholarship available for a 2014 recruiting cycle that needs it.

Quite honestly, I am shocked Carnes didn't transfer after last season with the addition of Tommy Armstrong and such, but it didn't happen that way. Does this scream about QB development under Tim Beck and Bo Pelini? Possibly, but no matter what, Brion just couldn't see the field no matter what was suggested.

Where could Brion go? Well, we could start with South Florida. Not only is it close to his hometown in Bradenton, but new head coach Willie Taggart wanted Carnes big time when Taggart was at Western Kentucky. Also, Carnes could go the FCS route, as Sipple did mention somewhere like Tennessee State. And, yes, we can mention Kentucky because SURE WHY NOT.

Carnes joins Chase Rome and Braylon Heard as notable players to leave the Nebraska football program this spring.

No matter what, the bottom line is that everyone is moving on, and we wish him well.