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Nebraska Huskers: Tuesday's Corn Flakes

Cole Pensick on ice, football nicknames, a HuskerVision opening and so much more!

Eric Francis

Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • ICYMI: A comprehensive look at what happened this past week in B1G baseball and men's Nebrasketball snagged an awesome commit!
  • Day by day, the Huskers' defense looks to get better and better. [Official Site]
  • Big Back News!

  • Newbie David Knevel may be more familiar with hockey, but senior Cole Pensick enjoys the ice just as much. [DN]
  • Speaking of Knevel, this is him next to Jordan Westerkamp:
  • E.J. from Papillion says Bo has to win 11 games in 2013 to stick around. Brian Bennett disagrees barring a 7-5 year and embarrassing losses. [ESPN]
  • Today I Learned:

  • The view from the new east stadium expansion is awesome, to say the least. [Official Site]
  • Big Red baseball heads back to Manhattan, KS today as they look to avenge their previous 10-8 loss at the hands of the Kansas State Wildcats. [Official Site]
  • A tribute to women's gymnastics B1G dominance: