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Nebraska Huskers: Team Jack Update

Jack Hoffman's famous run is almost two weeks old, but the awareness its brought has been nothing short of amazing. Check out the numbers.

David McGee

While our daily bowls of Corn Flakes have been served up with Team Jack notes, considering the week this nation has faced, a day full of Vitamin J seems more than appropriate to combat the negative.

  • News about The Run has been featured in 33 countries worldwide.
  • It has been viewed 7,596,988 on the official Huskers Athletics YouTube page, favorited 6,748 times and liked 41,474 times.
  • The Team Jack Facebook page now has 44,529 likes.
  • @TeamJackHoffman now has 5,098 followers on Twitter
  • #SuperDuperAwesome is perhaps the most recognized Husker tag on Twitter next to #Huskers
  • A 5x7" replica of Upper Deck's Jack Hoffman rookie card is in the works for individual sale.
  • The wait for any Team Jack merchandise has been increased from 14 days to 20.
  • How has The Run affected you?

Visit the Team Jack Foundation for more information.