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Editable And Collapsable Comments Have Come To Corn Nation!

Misspell something? Afraid the Grammar Police will come? Don't want to see a comment or seven? Now you can fix those issues.

us. jeez man

As Vox Media rolls out things to help us all on the SBNation United platform, it's our job to tell you, the loyal reader, about these changes.

Some of you have seen the change already, but we'd like to point out now that you can not only edit a comment once you originally hit send, you can also collapse comments on a post that you don't care to see.

Details of both of the new features can be seen here at Blog Huddle. Don't fret, it works just as well on your phone/tablet as it does on your regular computer.

If you notice any bugs with the new capabilities, please send a note to and be sure to include your system specs: hardware, OS, browser, etc. Don't send them to us at CN, when we get issues, this is what we do too.

Do you think you want to try both new features out? Go below and give it a try.