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Nebraska Huskers: Wednesday's Corn Flakes

Big Red brooms, Ndamukong Suh returns, Jack Hoffman's Rookie Card and so much more!

Wikimedia Commons

Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • Nebraska welcomed Dave Van Horn back to Lincoln with a two-game sweep of No. 10 Arkansas. Game one featured the eighth no-hitter win in school history and first since 1993 versus Peru State. [No-Hitter] [Game Two]
  • The No. 18 softball squad grabbed brooms of their own sweeping Minnesota. [Game One] [Game Two]
  • Because Mother Nature can't play nice, its game against Kansas today has been canceled. [Official Site]
  • Upper Deck floated this idea on their Facebook page about a week ago. Imagination became reality:

  • ESPN tabs Jason Ankrah and David Santos as potential defensive leaders for 2013. [ESPN]
  • Recruiting News!

  • Women's gymnasts Emily Wong, Jessie DeZiel and Brittany Skinner are headed to the NCAA Championships. [Official Site]
  • Have anything to do in Omaha on April 24? If not, Ndamukong Suh will be at the Markel Pro-AM Invitational and Gala [More Info]