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Nebraska Huskers: Thursday's Corn Flakes

Phil Steele's a fan of Team Jack and RK3, Athlon wants Big Red votes, recruiting news and so much more!

Leon Halip

Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • YouTube views of Jack's TD run (as of 8/10/13 10:15 PM): 5,709,483. That's 928,036 more views than yesterday.
  • Jack makes news in Denmark. [Nyhederne]

  • Phil's also a fan of RK3:

  • The field's been set for men's Nebrasketball to take on seven other teams in the 2013 Charleston Classic. [Official Site]
  • Women's Nebrasketball is a top 20 program this past season for...everything. [Official Site]
  • Because Mother Nature can't play nice, baseball and softball scheduled last night have been rescheduled for Friday. [Official Site]
  • The No. 1 Nebraska women's bowling team's ready for action, as you can see: