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Nebraska Huskers Spring Game 2013: Five Biggest Winners

The Red-White Game may be long over, but five individuals helped give Nebraska fans plenty of hope for the future.

David McGee

Team Jack's getting the recognition it deserves. Since Jack'll be watching the Huskers this fall, let's shine the spotlight on those who'll be inspired by young Mr. Hoffman as they take to the gridiron.

The 2013 Red-White Game turned into a true fan event complete with mini-games that hardcore Playstation or Xbox players could enjoy. Between the merriment, there was some actual football played. Which Huskers stood out the most?

1. Ron Kellogg III - Heading into this game, there was Taylor Martinez and a whole lot of worry at quarterback. Thanks to RK3, the idea of No. 3 being banged up doesn't seem so devastating.

The long-time backup look poised in the pocket and put beautiful touch on his throws, completing all but one toss. His numbers aren't important, though. How every play went down was. Despite offensive linemen getting shuffled around him like a Las Vegas deck, he was efficient.

That's enough to win a game or two when necessary.

2. King Frazier - A name that rocketed around Memorial Stadium, Frazier didn't disappoint. With Ameer Abdullah out and everyone aware that Imani Cross snacks on discarded shipyard chains, Frazier's 64-yard performance put newbies Terrell Newby and Adam Taylor on notice.

He may not be high on the depth chart this August, but they're going to have to earn their spot in front of him.

3. Jake Long - Seeing a 2013 Nebraska tight end make catches in any environment should provide some relief. Long and the rest of this unit needs to prove they can duplicate that performance when it counts this fall. He's not likely to turn in a 72-yard performance this fall, but if he can block and move the chains, he doesn't have to.

4. Alonzo Moore - Bo Pelini said of Moore, "The 'want to' is there, but the ability to sustain it and do it day after day after day is a challenge." Seeing some shots of him on the field, there seems to be a somewhat overwhelmed look in his eyes.

That's understandable. It's rare for a redshirt freshman to come in and not have a few hiccups, but that speaks to what Pelini said.

The best thing for Moore is to do what's expected. Keep to his diet, lift, study his playbook and run drills. He'll learn the most when he's on the field with guys wearing other colors looking to pop him in the mouth.

5. Mauro Bondi - While SEC teams may crow about the talent they bring in, many down south would kill for a competent kicker. The Huskers have struggled in other areas as of late, but poor kicking hasn't been seen around Lincoln, NE for what seems like eons.

The latest in a long line of guys looking to stick around in the NFL and make good money doing so is Boca Raton, FL's own Mauro Bondi.

While his 50 and 55-yard attempts (good and no good, respectively) were both wind-aided, the power behind them was obvious. Pelini said that coming out of spring, if he had to name a kicker, Bondi would get the starting gig.

However, Nebraska fans know that a walk-on may emerge from a nearby cornfield and give him a run for his money. Keep your leg loose, Bondi.