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Nebraska Football Recruiting: The Big Board - Offer Edition for 3/07/13

It's back! Kinda...

Brandon Cavanaugh

It's been a while since The Big Board's popped up, but today marks its triumphant return, and in M. Night Shyamalanian fashion, there's a twist!

Considering that we're still *checks watch* about 11 months away from Signing Day 2014, I'm not going to do the standard Big Board just yet.

While offers continue to get handed out, you'll be shown some of the biggest and best targets that have a legitimate possibility of committing to the Huskers. We'll get down and dirty about ranking prospects as summer cometh.

Let's get started.

WR Bo Hines (Charlotte, NC): Tim Beck's a greedy man when it comes to his skill players, an admirable trait. While the 40-yard dash is a glamour statistic (and often lied about! *gasp*), the 100-meter dash is a slightly better gauge of speed.

Hines finished second in all of North Carolina.

Hines Highlights

He posted 4.12 shuttle and 10' 2" broad jump averages during his junior combine and has an unofficial visit to Nebraska planned for March 30.

OT Damien Mama (Bellflower, CA): Mama's another prospect from Bellflower's St. John Bosco High that's getting major attention from Nebraska along with cornerback Naijiel Hale.

He recently received an offer from Notre Dame and even though he already has ones from Alabama and other big time programs, the Irish likely stand a better chance to land him.


Samoan prospects are traditionally big on family and community. This is why you see so many remain in Utah (large Mormon population) or on the west coast. Easy access to loved ones. Personally, my enjoyment of family gatherings is inversely proportional to the amount of family that's gathering.

Mama Highlights

If there's one thing that Bo Pelini's preached about his program, it's the family aspect. Current players have all brought this up regardless of class.

If Nebraska's going to snag Mama's commitment, this staff has the ability to do so.

LB Jimmie Swain (Lee Summit, MO): Nebraska's struggled in Missouri somewhat during recent cycles, but the Show Me State gave the Huskers two commits last cycle (Zach Hannon and Maliek Collins).

Missouri has already offered, but Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota also tossed offers Swain's way. With Nebraska clearly looking for a more athletic MIKE linebacker as they go back and forth between Zaire Anderson and David Santos this spring, Swain projects well there.

Swain Highlights

Nebraska's schedule sets up nicely for the Huskers' MIKE linebackers' performances to be highlighted. If Pelini truly wants him, Swain's should be a Husker.

DB Anthony Davis (Monroeville, PA): Kenny Bell may go on to be one of the best wide receivers Nebraska's ever had, but even if he doesn't, Bell did the Huskers a huge favor by giving recruits a very recent memorable moment.

Yes, that one.

Davis Highlights

Davis is certainly a fan of it and is a potential Red-White Game visitor. While he has fantastic skills, he and his folks are all about the degree he walks away with.

While Nebraska certainly has a number of academic opportunities, it's going up against the likes of Georgia Tech, Michigan, Penn State and Stanford.

This is one of those instances where an extensive trip to the Life Skills Area might not be the worst idea.

FS Mike Edwards (Cincinnati, OH): Edwards provides an excellent opportunity for the Huskers to work on new in-roads within Ohio after losing Mike Marrow to Kentucky. He holds a few quality offers, but Nebraska easily stands out.

If the Huskers are going to snag Edwards' commit, they're going to have to go head-to-head with...wait for it...Kentucky! The good news is that being an Ohio guy, he's familiar with the Big Ten conference, likes its style and can see himself being a part of it.

Edwards Highlights

He has plans to make the Spring Game and if he gets into Lincoln, expect Nebraska to press him hard.

SS Marcus Allen (Upper Marlboro, MD): It appears to be a Big Ten/ACC challenge for Allen's commitment. There's good and bad news for the Huskers. The good news is that he considers Nebraska right up there with the likes of Ohio State and regional favorites Pittsburgh, Maryland and Virginia.

Allen Highlights

The bad news is that he doesn't seem too interested in cramming visits in during his senior season, so getting him on campus by July needs to be priority No. 1. After that point, anyone who hasn't done so is working at a serious disadvantage.

Nebraska must stress its need for safeties in a big way as Allen has a realistic chance of making an immediate impact.